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Monday, February 11, 2019

Trying to Be Perfect the Impossible Goal, Procrastinations Best-friend

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          Most of us strive for excellence, even perfection for the things that we find most important in our lives. We might want to be great in our school work or maybe we need to move up at a job. Sometimes we want to amazing at working at ourselves.

           Personally, I have always wanted to sew clothes "perfectly”,  where it looks like it comes from a factory. I was sure for many years that no one would ever want to buy my clothes if my work wasn't anything less than perfect.

              It must have been nearly ten years that I talked myself out of working harder to make and sell my designs. My logic was that it wasn't perfect yet, so since no one will want it in that case, I don't need to work on it. I figured I don't need to push myself until my work is” amazing”. Sadly, I did bother to work on my craft.

          It's one of those vicious self-fulfilling prophecy cycles I'm always talking about. I gave myself an ”awesome” reason why this procrastination was okay. Then when I saw no yield from my lack of work I told myself this is why I shouldn't worry about trying in the first place.

           It was only recently I learned that these type of excuses are a form of procrastinating. Even when the excuse is partially valid, it will continue to set you back until you fight your way out of the situation. Or at least work around the problem.

            Before someone jumps down my throat and says I'm being inconsiderate let me break it down.

             Now, there really wasn't anything wrong with my sewing projects, but there are a few key points on how I enabled my procrastination.

  • Negative self-talk that no one will want it.
  • Not true people aren't always worried about their items being completely perfect.
  • My work wasn't terrible I just knew it could be better. My work was still well made and War nicely.
  • I didn't do anything to make myself better at sewing. Because sewing school fell through for me and I didn't see a way out, I didn't even bother to use my resources.
  • I didn't search out a way to make myself better like finding classes to take other places, videos on sewing techniques, nor did I practice what I did know to figure out how to fix my mistakes.

               Just like most people I've had the “I don't have time” excuse. It was rarely true. I didn't make the time to learn more and make myself better.

                I know too many people that make the excuse of they need to wait until they have everything in order before they can even begin. That's not the best thing I'm trying 2 work toward a goal nothing will ever be perfect everything will never be completely an order you just have to know to start and grow as you go.

                I still strive for excellence in all that I do, but I don't stress over it being all or nothing until it is “perfect”.  I just do my very best and start with what I have now and build from there. I’ve learned in this digital age to use my resources properly.

                I have built many things from the ground zero on my new outlook. Such as my YouTube channel, my podcast, and now this blog. Now, I have asked for advice and more times than not people look at my work in amazement. and it still strikes me because my work is still not perfect.

               If I would have waited until I was ready and things were perfect, I would not have accomplished anything by now.

Do you use the “Things are not perfect yet” procrastination excuse?

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Learn More with the Power of Reflection

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This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase using my link, I make a small commission - at no cost to you. I only recommend products or services that I fully believe in and use myself! Read full disclosure here.

When I was about five years old my mom came to me with a cute little unicorn lockbox, inside of it was a thick little Journal diary with a matching pen. I thought it was too cute and I was so excited to have it. My mother told me it was where I would write about my thoughts, feelings, and how my day went. As a curious little girl, I asked her why do I need to do this and she told me that as I got older I would want to look back at the things I wrote to better remember them or maybe learn from them.

         I took my mom's advice and wrote In the journal nearly every day. I mostly wrote about school, I mean I was a little girl I didn't have much going on back then. As I grew older she bought me some nice little composition notebooks and made writing a daily task. I remember hating it most days because I didn't feel like I had much to say. However, I'm forever grateful because she opened a door for me that has been so helpful and so many ways in my life. I love journaling even though over the years I didn't keep up with it daily.

           Journaling is such an amazing outlet and I preach that to everyone that they should start a journal. You're able to write out the thousands of things good or bad that are going on with you and your life. Later on, you are going to be able to look back on what you wrote then reflect on what happened. Undoubtedly aren't, you will find something that will stick and you will learn from it.

          Reflecting on past events can bring so much clarity and a new understanding of various situations. It can be as simple as another stroll down memory lane, hopefully, a great one which can be very good for the soul.

           You may remember something you needed to do or how to do it. A lot of times it may be a goal like something amazing you want to accomplish. Is very good to lift out our goals and with journaling, we write them out fully. Great detail can be explained in your journals, then when you look back on it you not only remember the goal but also how, what, when, where.

          My favorite part of reflecting is learning something about my past or myself. I'll look back in my past and realize how I miss something from a certain situation or finally coming to an understanding from something that was once a misunderstanding. As I've grown older I've been able to learn more about myself through journaling, things I did and how I was feeling as a teenager were clarified through reading my journals. We often miss so much as the days pass by and we begin to forget things. It's bound to happen to anyone but with journaling, we can keep those memories and feelings, but in a more accurate way.

     Now, you can reflect in more ways than just keeping a journal. You can simply think back and meditate on your past and try to analyze the situation better. However, I find that memories can be a bit jumbled from time and other memories mixed in.

From 1.Spiritiual on Instagram

Click here to see more from them

         Whenever it is possible to have a reflection session with another person that was around at the time you are reflecting on, you all can be able to bounce memories back and forth and help each other understand more.

         It is always nice to have someone around to have a banter with, but sometimes we don't feel like expressing everything to another person. This is one more reason I feel journals are so vital. With reflecting it is so important to release as much as you can for maximum clarity. Then there will be no fear of judgment from anyone.

      I have used all of these techniques for so many years and they have helped in many ways. I've been able to learn so much about other people, my feelings, as well as difficult things that I have experienced in my past.

      This Blog has been a form of me sharing things that I have learned from reflection. It has been a whole new form of journaling for me. In all this is a great learning journey that I am glad to be on. I hope if you haven't started a new way to reflect, you will be inspired to do so soon.

How do you reflect and has it helped you?
Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Achieving Focus Naturally with CBD Hemp Oil

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       I received this product for this post, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

  All my life I have struggled with keeping my focus on exactly what I need to do at the moment. This has happened in school, at work and just in life. I was lucky that my mother didn't believe in putting me on medication for controlling my very active mind. Because of this, I was able to figure out different and very creative ways to focus better.

          My mom insisted that I channel my energy into various activities, both hands on as well as physically demanding ones. I was allowed to be a kid and learn how to use my given outlets and learn to hone my talents.

          The outlets she helped me find included activities like sewing, knitting, writing, cheerleading, dancing, and Taekwondo. Each activity required me to focus intently in some way. At the same time, they were teaching me how to zero in and focus a little bit better each day. I use this same technique with my girls and I have found it to be very effective for them and they really enjoy themselves.

         I am forever grateful that my mother pushed me in all these ways so that I was able to learn to express myself better as well as learn more talents.

          However, as an adult, many tasks are necessary, but also mundane. Sometimes we become caught up in the chaos of life and lose our focus. Not to mention our drive to do more with the mountain of stress that can come with it all. I don't suggest we block our minds and creativity with sedatives, because these often causes other issues later on.

         There is a myriad of other techniques and remedies that I could suggest. It helps to start with creating balance within the body. With all of that, we will slowly begin to figure out why we are not able to focus.

         My newest way I've been able to help my focus is with CBD Hemp oil. I am currently a CBD Hemp oil from Bio Naturals oil.

250 CBD Hemp Oil Drops

        This CBD oil is very easy to take. Either straight from its dropper or mixed in any drink, I really enjoy that convenience. It works in just a few minutes and I can feel myself zoning into my work. I can knock out writing and posting these blog posts, YouTube video editing as well as my other goals or obligations that require more focus.

         Another big bonus to Bio Naturals CBD Hemp oil is that it has also helped me conquer my relentless headaches that tend to ruin my drive and focus. They are often a nagging pain that makes me I want to curl up and do nothing.

       I find myself pushing more to focus so that I may achieve my goals, I buckle down and I am able to accomplish more every day. I never realized that my focus is so important in various areas of life.

In what ways do you help yourself focus?
Friday, December 28, 2018

Appreciate the "Small" Accomplishments, Hard Work Should Be Celebrated

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We all have some types of goals that we would one day like to reach. They range from big to small and they will have a deadline of the near future, too far from now. They are for anything under the sun. Of course, that varies from person to person based on where they are in their life. Goals have so many factors to them it can be hard to keep up or accomplish them.

          I have so many goals that I must go after. I know I will eventually reach them because I am constantly working toward them.

           Now, I know it's not just me that feels like it's All or Nothing when it comes to completing goals. Afterward, when said goal is reached it's not good enough and we need to push past to do more. I find that this leaves me unhappy with what I have been able to accomplish thus far. I feel like I'm stuck in a perpetual cycle trying to outrun myself to be better.

          In the same instance, We should strive to be better than we once were. We must be our own competition and never compare our goals and accomplishments to another's. However, I believe we tend to lose ourselves in the middle when we don't stop and pat ourselves on the back for all the hard work we've done to that point. No matter if the goal has been reached fully or not, we don't think we can have an eternal celebration.

         It's a vicious cycle that can ruin you in so many ways, especially mentally. You will be continually be depressed because you'll think you are not good enough. This may leave you to give up on your goals prematurely or you will run yourself ragged trying to do too much. The latter is both a physical and mental drain. If you are in this type of space, stop, recognize it, back-trace then list out what you have accomplished so far.

  • Sent 100 collaboration emails
  • Did A podcast interview
  • A month of social media consistency
  • Started a new endeavor and remained on top of it for a week with small growth

         My favorite things to remember when I feel like I haven't gotten anywhere is that growth is still growth. If you have spent any length of your precious time pushing toward your goals, any growth from where you first started is something to celebrate. Even if you are not close to the goal you've set, chances are you have learned something in the process. You possibly learned how not to do something or how to do something better. Either way, you slice the growth pie you have something to recognize that you have accomplished.

         Sometimes even a simple pat on the back is hard to do because you don't think it is a big enough accomplishment to bother. I always suggest to everyone to keep journals for reflection and clarity. To learn to deal with various situations that have passed or could also come up. With a journal you write what you wish to do, the steps you take to get there, then where you end up every step of the way. When you feel that you have not gotten anywhere you can reference the journal and see all your growth.

          Don't forget to journal your plans and map out your next moves as well. Not to mention what's also been working for you. As I have done these things, I have found it becomes easier to move forward in my pursuit. It is also more enjoyable.

   You will really be surprised when you see how far you have made it!

          Now, when it comes to the big goals, it's a must that we relish in any successes, before moving on to the next thing. Even if you only made it close to whatever your goal was, close to a goal is more than just starting a goal.

      Make sure you ignore the toxic behavior of comparing yourself to anyone else, period. Comparing yourself is another deadly cycle that will lower your self-worth and progress. Only celebrate your successes and learn from any “negative” things that might have come your way. Also, make an effort to never put yourself down.

         At the end of the day learning and growth is a constant thing that is ever-changing. It's not something that anyone should ever stop, because you will stunt yourself in the long run. Just be thankful you are internally growing and reaching for new and powerful things in life. Always keep in the front and back of your mind that as long as you are making moves toward those goals, they will be obtained in the future.

How do you celebrate your accomplishments?
Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Top 9 FREE Helpful Blogging Tools

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         Now, I've only been blogging for a short time I'm at the time that I am writing this. However, before starting this blog, I researched and continue to research any and everything to make it an easy process.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase using my link, I make a small commission - at no cost to you. I only recommend products or services that I fully believe in and use myself! Read full disclosure here.

Most writers who use a computer for their projects can benefit from using these various tools. Some of these are computer downloads, Chrome extensions, or they are web-based. This list has been a daily go to for all of my blog post.

         Some of these tools have made the process of making my blog posts fast, super easy, and enjoyable to the eye. Other ones help me put together much of the content that is in a blog post. A few other tools help you distribute my blog posts for more eyeballs to see. I just wanted to spread the word for my fellow bloggers and writers. All bold words are clickable to learn more and see the program.

I love that this program is integrated into so many ways on the computer. I use Grammerly daily for more than just writing my blog because it actually works for emails, social media posts, and most other websites. It is more than just a simple spell checker. This tool is a computer download as well as a Chrome extension. It will warn you I hope you correct grammatical errors and most things that you write on the computer or Chrome browser. There is a free plan and paid Pro Plan for extra help and in-depth grammar correction. Every part of Grammerly is easy to use and you don't have to think about correcting your work on your own. This is perfect for writers and college students. It's also really nice that you also get information on your progress.

Don't get caught plagiarizing

Google Docs

I love this web-based word processing application. It can be easily reached online, as a cell phone app and also a chrome browser extension. It's all it's all through your Google account login so anyone who has or creates a Gmail/Google account has access to this word processor. As you type it also actively and consistently saves you your progress. My favorite feature is the fairly accurate voice typing capability. The extension for Chrome allows for quick one-click access.

As an Amazon affiliate, it's a bit tedious to jump between two or more separate browser tabs to get a link ready for a product that I'm talking about. This simple extension makes the link for you by loading the product the extension button grabs the link instantly. Then from there you copy and paste the link to where you are trying to post.     

I've had this tool for years and I use it daily to notate various things. Evernote is an advanced note-taking system that allows you to make separate "notebooks" to organize your notes. You are also able to organize and search picture notes. You are able to use it as an app and computer download as well as a Chrome extension that allows you to bookmark and organize the pages into the chosen notebook. The bookmark can be a whole page or only a partial page. Evernote has a free plan as well as a paid one where you would get more storage and the ability to access the program on more devices.       

Is a nifty little tool that is web-based as well as an application for your phone where you can ask and answer questions about anything under the sun. I've used Quora for asking various questions about blogging. Many of the people answering your questions have a great amount of expertise in the subject. You are also able to use links in your posts and comments. I have utilized this as a way to grow my blog by linking my blog posts to relevant questions.

This is a web-based graphics editor that allows you to easily make covers, collages, thumbnails, and so many more design. It has a great layout with a plethora of templates for each project. The drag and drop editing make putting together any pictures or graphics simple and easy.

Is a great bookmarking site that is simple to use. There is an app for your phone as well as a web browser extension for Chrome. I use it to bookmark my blog posts as well as YouTube videos so that others may find my posts and make use us them. I get a lot of consistent traffic from the site. I would equate Mix to a simpler version of Pinterest.

Pinterest is another well known bookmarking website as well as an app. It's the easiest way to find new DIYs to play with, create a vision board for new projects and see new recipes to try. I have a well put together board dedicated to my blog for others see and be able to re-pin.

Free Stock Photos

Sometimes I don't have the ability to take a picture relevant to my blog post. That's where free stock photo websites come in handy. You type of keyword in the search and a myriad of copyright free pictures pertaining to your word pop up for you. Here is a list of the few that I use below.





If you are any type of writer, most if not all of these tools would be useful to you especially Grammarly, that's why it's at the top of my list. Young and old can use it as well it helps with writing most anything on your computer. You may even find a use for these programs outside of writing or blogging.

I suggest you at least try each of these out and see if they work well for you.

If there are any tools here that I haven't listed that you use please comment down below.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

How to Keep Grinding through your Goals my First Podcast Interview

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.         As early as I can remember I've always said I wanted to have a radio show. I'm not sure why, but maybe I was tired of hearing the same five popular songs on the radio every day in rotation. Also, I always thought it seemed fun to talk about pop culture and hear others input, then be able to call it work. In the mid-2000s I heard about a computer-based type of radio show that almost anyone can start called a podcast. As a young adult, I thought to myself that’s great, it will make it easier, and I have my own podcast one day.

         Now the problem with my dreams, like these is I never have the whole thing fully thought out. I wanted a podcast but, who knows what I'll talk about. Podcasts aren't just anything thrown together, at least not the ones that I listen to. They are well put together shows about following your dreams and growing a business. A few months ago before I started this blog, I started to set up things to finally start my podcast. Thankfully, I have a good habit of listing out the goals that I would like to accomplish. For my podcast, I wrote a  to-do list was that I wanted to be on another person’s podcast, no matter if it was in the same niche or not.

          Writing things down is so important and effective. Typically, I reach my goals when I sit down and write out what I want and what I would like to do. Now, when I wrote it all down I wasn't sure how I was going to be on another person's podcast. I had some vague ideas but I never pushed it because I was busy trying to set up this blog. Sometimes things just work themselves out because you put in some thought and effort so the universe makes a way for you. While looking into ways to generally find people and brands to collaborate with, I stumbled upon a gentleman looking for people to interview on his podcast. I contacted him to see if I could join but I didn't really think I'd get a response back.

          To my surprise a few days later he accepted my request. I still didn't realize what I had manifested four months ago. The beauty of it all was that I wasn't just going to be on any old podcast. I was given the opportunity to be a part of an amazing podcast about up-and-coming entrepreneurs, models, and artists.  this wasn't just right up my alley but it was also the niche I wanted to be a part of.

         This amazing podcast is called Keep Grinding by producer Shemaiah Reed aka  Shemaiah on the Beat. I knew right away from the name of the podcast it was perfect for me. I was excited and nervous about this more than welcome opportunity. I have a lot to share and I was ready for it so I got mentally prepared.

         From the moment we started the conversation I felt at ease to share. Shemaiah calmly started introducing me and asking me questions. However, my imposter syndrome started kicking in a bit when I began speaking, throughout I had so much doubt in my mind about what I was going to say. I struggled a bit on how to say things and make sure I was getting out everything I wanted to say.

          The flow of the whole session was amazing as the feelings of doubt melted away. It was only supposed to be a 20-minute conversation about me and the things that I was actively pursuing. As Shemaiah asked great questions and I found that it was much easier to talk and share. We spoke about where I've come from in my self-development, my ambitions, my endeavors, as well as how much I've overcome and what I've done to overcome those problems.

         The biggest thing I touched on was about how to start what you want to do now and ignore your doubts so that you may succeed. My doubts kept me in the same stagnant spot for years which led to depression about not getting anywhere in my life. It's a sad cycle because it leads you back to more self-doubt that keeps you from pursuing your dreams. Just sharing all these things with someone so interested made me realize how far I have really, as a person and with my implementation.

        I wanted to get you all hyped up and ready to want to listen to this amazing interview on Keep Grinding. I put out a ton of gems on how I've set myself up with the myriad of things that I do now, how to stay motivated, my favorite things that inspire me and so much more. This podcast as a whole is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone struggling or wanting reassurance on pushing themselves about pursuing their hopes and dreams. Please take a moment and listen to the inspiring things I had to say in the video below and I hope it will uplift you and help you find your way. Make sure you check out all of the other amazing interviews as well.

What helps you to Keep Grinding?

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Thursday, December 06, 2018

Start Your Success Journey with The Slight Edge a Book Review

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          A few months ago I decided to pick my dad’s brain about how he began his vegan restaurant Avocado Vegan Cafe and Juice Bar. It had been on my mind because it really intrigued me. This is not my dad's first business just his most recent. He started a few years ago and it had been long-awaited by many people because of his amazing cooking. I had so many questions because I had so many ideas that  I wanted to start up and my dad seemed to just talk about opening up his restaurant one day, then a week later he set up shop.

         I called him then set up the voice recorder on my computer and got out my notebook as we began our conversation. It was a good nearly 2-hour conversation as he told me how he started and set up things for his new business venture. As he continued he explained what learning materials he used, then he said something I kind of knew already but I didn't always follow through with. It was something to the tune of, whenever you want to achieve something set aside time each day and complete at least one thing towards your goal. He was right and his wording was different for me. I've always heard people talking about eating an elephant one bite at a time, but he put it in a more realistic and actionable term.


         It was nice to hear the information my dad gave me about starting a business and I'm glad I was able to discuss that with him. But another way that I obtain information about business and growth is through reading. I tend to read books in the order that I am inspired by them or they are consistently presented to me. Well, in the month of August I kept seeing the book The Slight Edge, and I have heard about it for years now. In September I went to see my family for a reunion and this happened to be the same book my stepmom was reading at the time. I took it as a sign as well I was almost done with another book I was reading. So I became dead set to read this book next since I keep seeing it must be serious.

         The Slight Edge takes you through various anecdotes where the idea was applied and how others fared following through.  I love this factor because it gave me something solid to compare the whole concept too. The author gives us a plethora of its examples and metaphors that also allow you to visualize the process in a different way. These elements made the book an enjoyable read.

         The whole idea behind The Slight Edge is to push ourselves to do small things each day in order to accomplish big things in the long run. Another common phrase that comes to mind is taking baby steps to get far in any type of journey. We all say “ we don't have time “for things because we believe it has to be all or nothing to get things done. I've done this for a lot of things until I realized that I was using that as an excuse to not make time. Once I broke out of the cycle of excuses I soon found many pockets of time to get bigger things done.

             Author, Jeff Olson tells you to start putting drops in your bucket of success and realize you don't need to fill it all at once. Those drips not only build up to eventually fill your bucket but they are also the start to your momentum on your way to success. You often find yourself closer to your goals when you use The Slight Edge, doing a little something is better than doing nothing.

         The beauty of this concept is that there is nothing that you have to buy to apply this method. It is all about your actions, follow through, and consistency. This means anyone, of any age, in any social class, can take action and start The Slight Edge to obtain success. Not to mention it's an easy process implement, without having some strange technique to follow or be coached on. I feel like this is among the easiest thing to follow in a self-development journey and it's really the first thing you should do to start.

         In this book, Jeff Olsen tells you that this idea can be applied to basically all areas of your life, not only business. You can apply this to your health journey as well, which he also talks about with weight loss. I have done this and I preach doing this when it came to me becoming a vegan. I get many people asking me about it because they don't feel” strong” enough to make the transition. Truth be told I didn't do it all at once it was actually a three-year process for me. Little by little I stopped eating certain things, then replacing them with alternatives.

         As time passed it became easier to stop eating the things that I use to crave often. This is where I started the habit and gained the strength to stop eating animal products. Even though it was a super slow process in the beginning and the middle and the end, I was successful. Since realizing the various ways in which I have used and succeeded with the slight Edge, I have pushed myself to continue applying it in many areas of my life.

         A few of my takeaways from this awesome book were: to stop making excuses that I can't start something new unless I'm able to do it 100% perfectly from the start or I shouldn't bother. No matter how small and seemingly insignificant my effort is, I'm still putting in the effort that will eventually get me to my goals. Additionally, no matter how painful or stressful it may seem to start, the small implementation will build up to become an easier flowing habit. We all benefit from engaging in the use of The Slight Edge. Start whatever it is you want without excuses then keep it up, because I promise you WILL get to the light at the end of the tunnel.

What will you apply The Slight Edge Concept too in your life?

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